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Important Information related to HDFC AMC IPO or HDFC Mutual Fund IPO

(i) HDFC AMC (Asset Management Company) Limited (AMC), also known as HDFC Mutual Fund, was incorporated under the Companies Act, 1956, on December 10, 1999, and was approved to act as an Asset Management Company for the HDFC Mutual Fund by SEBI vide its letter dated July 3, 2000.

(ii) The Company has been the most profitable asset management company in India in terms of net profits since Fiscal 2013, with a total AUM of ₹2,932.54 billion as of December 31, 2017 of which equity-oriented AUM and non-equity-oriented AUM constituted ₹1,552.82 billion and ₹1,379.72 billion.

(iii) The company has been the largest asset management company in India in terms of Equity-oriented AUM since the last quarter of Fiscal 2011 and have consistently been among the top two asset management companies in India in terms of total average AUM since the month of August 2008.

(iv)  The AUM has grown at a Compounded Annual Growth Rate (“CAGR”) of 27.1% between March 31, 2013 and December 31, 2017. The proportion of equity-oriented AUM to total AUM was at 53.0%, which was higher than the industry average of 44.1%, as of December 31, 2017.

(v) The company has an established track record of delivering robust financial performance. The total Revenue increased from ₹7,83.976 Cr in Fiscal 2013 to ₹15,87.910 Cr in Fiscal 2017, with a CAGR of 19.3%, and the Net profit has grown from ₹3,18.746 Cr to ₹5,50.246 Cr during the same period at a CAGR of 14.6%. The Dividend Payout Ratio increased from 40% in Fiscal 2013 to 51% in Fiscal 2017 and they have paid a dividend of ₹2,31.535 Cr in Fiscal 2017 compared to ₹1,11.060 Cr in Fiscal 2013.

Competitive Strengths
a) Consistent market leadership position in the Indian mutual fund industry.
Trusted brand and strong parentage.
b) Strong investment performance supported by comprehensive investment philosophy and risk management.
c) Superior and diversified product mix distributed through a multi-channel distribution network.
d) Focus on individual customers and customer-centric approach.
e) Consistent profitable growth.
f) Experienced and stable management and investment teams.

HDFC AMC Limited IPO Stock Quote & Charts



  • Open: 3175.10
  • High - Low: 3188.00 - 3160.00
  • Previous Close: 3190.55
  • Total Traded Volume: 14716
  • Updated On: 31-Jan-2020

Objects of the HDFC AMC Limited IPO:

It is a pure OFS vide which existing shareholders i.e HDFC Limited and Standard Life Investment are selling 25,457,555 no. of shares to the Public. 1. HDFC Limited is selling 8,592,970 EQUITY SHARES 2. STANDARD LIFE INVESTMENTS LIMITED selling 16,864,585 EQUITY SHARES.

HDFC AMC Limited IPO Details:

Current GMP: 545-550
Open Date: Jul 25 2018
Close Date: Jul 27 2018
Total Shares: 25,457,555
Face Value: ₹ 5 Per Equity Share
Issue Size: 2800 Cr.
Lot Size: 13 Shares
Issue Price: ₹ 1095-1100 Per Equity Share
Listing At: NSE,BSE
Listing Date: Aug 06 2018

Promoters And Management:

Promoters of HDFC AMC Limited Company are: (i) The Promoters of the Company are HDFC Limited and Standard Life Investments. As on the date of this Draft Red Herring Prospectus, HDFC holds 120,772,800 Equity Shares and Standard Life Investments holds 80,515,200 Equity Shares, which constitutes 57.36% and 38.24%, respectively, of the Company’s pre-Offer, issued, subscribed and paid-up Equity Share capital.

Capital Structure:

(i) Authorized Share Capital a) 600,000,000 Equity Shares of ₹5 each 300 Cr
b) 50,000,000 preference shares of ₹10 each 50 Cr
(ii) Issued, Subscribed,& Paid-up Share Capital Before Issue 210,555,200 Equity Shares of ₹5 each 105.2 Cr
(iii) Present Issue OFS to public (  25,457,555 Shares at FV@5) 12.72 Cr
  Which Includes a) HDFC AMC Employee Reservation of 320,000 Equity Shares FV@5 1.25%
b) HDFC Employee Reservation of 560,000 Equity Shares FV@5 2.19%
c) HDFC Shareholders Reservation of 2,400,000 Equity Shares FV@5 9.42%
(iv) Reservation for QIB [11088777 no. of Shares] 43.5%
(v) Reservation for HNI[3326633 no. of Shares] 13%
(vi) Reservation for Retail[7762144 no. of Shares] 30%
(vii) Paid Up Share Capital after the issue 105.2 Cr

Financials of HDFC AMC Limited IPO:

1. Assets and Liabilities Key Parameters[STANDALONE]
Year Asset(Cr) Liabilities(Cr) Net Worth(Cr) Book Value D/E [<1.5] RONW debtor days
FY13 829.439 127.539 701.9 278 0.18 45% 9
FY14 1121.336 220.136 901.2 357 0.24 40% 6
FY15 1311.75 191.95 1119.8 444 0.17 37% 6
FY16 1422.717 271.497 1151.22 457 0.24 42% 9
FY17 1599.59 176.69 1422.9 565 0.12 39% 20
9MFY18 2583.158 241.183 2341.975 890 0.10 21% 22
Post Issue 2341.975 111 28%
2. Profit n Loss Key Parameters[STANDALONE]
Year Revenue(Cr) PAT(Cr) EBITDA Margins Profit Margins Outstanding Shares( Cr) EPS
FY13 783.98 318.75 59% 41% 2.5241 126
FY14 903.11 357.77 59% 40% 2.5241 142
FY15 1,064.28 415.50 59% 39% 2.5241 165
FY16 1,494.34 477.88 48% 32% 2.5164 190
FY17 1,587.91 550.25 51% 35% 2.5167 219
9MFY18 1,316.72 495.56 56% 38% 2.6319 188
Post Issue 660 21.05 31
3. Cash Flow Statement(all figures in Cr)[STANDALONE]
Particulars FY17 FY16 FY15 FY14 FY13
(i) Net Cash Generated from Operation 454.86 742.02 94.824 209.47 312.28
(ii) Net Cash Generated from Investment -176.03 -297.07 103.57 -50.801 -94.101
(iii) Net Cash Generated from Financing Activity -278.53 -446.55 -196.87 -158.51 -219.05
(iv) Total[ (i)+(ii)+(iii) ] 0.29 -1.59 1.53 0.16 -0.87
Key Notes: a) The Revenue is growing at CAGR of 17.50% from FY13 to FY18. b) The PAT is growing at CAGR of 15.7% from FY13 to FY18. c) The Annualized EPS for FY17-18 would be 31 d) P/E(post issue)= 35.48 at Cutoff price of 1100 e) P/B(post issue)= 9.09 at cutoff price of 1100 f) The company is almost debt free. g) Mcap/Sales(ideally <2)=13 on FY18 sales( bit higher). h) The Company is consistently clocking EBITDA Margins above 50% in last 5 years.- Big Positive i) The Company is continuously generating positive cash flows from operations in last 5 years- Big Positive. j) The Company has excellent RONW of 28% in FY18( Anything above 25% is super). k) If you observe carefully in the above financials, the EBITDA Margins were decreased from 59%( FY15) to 48%( FY16), this is due to the fact that the other expenses increased by 107.82% FY15 to FY16 , primarily due to an increase in expenses incurred for brokerage, incentives, fees and mutual fund expenses. Until Fiscal 2015, charges associated with brokerage and incentives were recovered from the respective schemes and had no effect Statement of Profit and Loss.

Comparison With Peers:

Name of the Company FV Revenue/AUM Mcap(cr) P/E RONW Mcap/sales NPM
Reliance Nippon 10 0.76 13000 27 22% 8.47 33%
HDFC AMC 5 0.46 23161 35.28 28% 13 38%
NOTE: 1. The AUM of Reliance Nippon is taken as 2.3850 Lac Cr as on 31st May 2018. 2. The AUM of HDFC AMC is taken as 2.93 Lac Cr as on 31st Dec 2017.

Recommendation on HDFC AMC Limited IPO:

HDFC AMC Limited IPO Rating by InvestorZone team = 7/10 1-5: Fair 5-7: Good 7-10: Excellent => Click here to check what brokerage houses had to say about HDFC AMC IPO Next Upcoming IPO > Lodha Developers IPO

Registrar of HDFC AMC Limited IPO:

  1. Karvy Computershare Private Limited

Company Address:

HDFC AMC Limited HDFC House, 2nd Floor, H.T. Parekh Marg, 165-166, Backbay Reclamation, Churchgate, Mumbai 400 020, Maharashtra, India. Phone No. +91 (22) 6631 3333 Fax No. +91 (22) 6658 0203 Email: Website: Next IPO => IRCON IPO

Bid Details of HDFC AMC Limited IPO as on
27-Jul-2018 23:15:05 IST

No.of shares offered No. of shares bid No. of total times
4,435,511 852,759,362 192.26
3,326,634 649,183,951 195.15
7,762,145 52,227,734 6.73
880,000 1,334,411 1.52
2,400,000 6,456,203 2.69
18,804,290 1,561,961,661 83.06
No.of shares offered No. of shares bid No. of total times
4,435,511 353,801,123 79.77
3,326,634 382,599,932 115.01
7,762,145 38,432,329 4.95
880,000 1,302,808 1.48
2,400,000 4,812,080 2.01
18,804,290 780,948,272 41.53
No.of shares offered No. of shares bid No. of total times
4,435,511 498,958,239 112.49
3,326,634 266,584,019 80.14
7,762,145 13,795,405 1.78
880,000 31,603 0.04
2,400,000 1,644,123 0.69
18,804,290 781,013,389 41.53

Total Number of Applications in Retail Category: 2578011

Application-wise Subscription in Retail Category: 4.32X

Discussion on HDFC AMC Limited IPO:


    Buy more quantities hdfc amc for long term it Will give you best written this is the time to buy…..

    We take hdfc amc is better ya motilal oswal pms is better plzz suggest me

      HDFC AMC and Motilal Oswal both are big brands in Mutual funds and PMS schemes respectively. However, you strictly can’t compare two as in MFs the minimum investment is as low as Rs.500 and in PMS it is whopping 25 lacs. Both are different class of instruments, PMS being a riskier than MFs. So depending upon profile one should choose between the schemes.

      Hold it for atleast 5 years. Very high chance this share becoming a part of Nifty in future.

        The next big hurdle for the Indian Stock Market is Election in 2019. The Market will remain choppy till that time. All the biggies in the market are on the safer side and buying mostly large-cap where risk is limited. Once Modi Govt comes into the picture the market will rally like similar to 2017.
        Now come back to your question Whether share doubling in next 10 year? The answer would be yes, very easily. The PAT in the last 5 years is growing at a rate of 16%, considering the similar growth in future the share would get double in next 4.5 Years.

        Can you plzz told me who have invested 100000 in hdfc bank how much dividend he got

          Please find below the detail of last 5 years dividend payout of the HDFC Bank.
          (i) 2014-[342% on FV=2], so Dividend per share= Rs.6.84.
          (ii) 2015-[400% on FV=2], so Dividend per share= Rs.8
          (iii)2016-[475% on FV=2], so Dividend per share= Rs. 9.50
          (iv)2017-[550% on FV=2], so Dividend per share= Rs.11
          (v) 2018-[650% on FV=2], so Dividend per share= Rs.13
          Now Let us suppose you have invested Rs. 1,00,000 in HDFC Bank on 01.01.2014. The Share price at that time was Rs. 668, so accordingly you would have got 1,00,000/668= 149 no. of Shares.
          In the last 5 years, total dividend received per share is (6.84+8+9.50+11+13)=48.34. The Total profit received would be =7202.66 which is equivalent to 7.20% return in 5 years through dividend only.
          However, if you had remain invested for these many years the appreciation in the Share would be close to 200%.

    Delivery in HDFC AMC

    NSE – Total volume – 1,93,05,566
    Delivery Quantity – 70,25,377

    BSE – Total Volume – 30,76,982
    Delivery Quantity – 12,12,032

    Portfolio stock. one of the few companies which is a must in everyone portfolio stock.
    It can easily give more than 20 % average yearly returns.
    just hold your allotment for long term

    HDFC Asset Management Block Deal on NSE
    Qty: 1,126,156,
    Deal Price: 1,726.25
    Value (cr): 194.40
    Time: 09:44am

    pure 56% listing gain in HDFC AMC IPO. Enjoy the money rain…

    Good morning to all of You.
    Today, there will be listing of HDFC AMC IPO.
    Wishing a BUMPER PROFIT DAY to all of us.

    congratulations to allottee’s of HDFC AMC IPO.
    IPO list on Monday, 6th Aug
    As per current premium expected listing will be between 1600/- to 1700/-.
    Our advise to keep for long term investment and it will rise more than gold.

    Aaj tak jo nae huva vo monday ko hoga…..

    13 ka number subha mana jayega

    Ye kaam sirf HDFC hi kar sakata he……👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

    Hdfc shareholder quota basis of allotment
    Total 91173 application received of which 32163 application is minimum applicant
    13 shares allotted to all the applicant 91173
    Total number of shares offered is 24 lskh
    24 lakh minus 1185249= 1214751
    Total shares applied is 6979193 minus minimum allotment 1185249=5793944
    Balance shares 1214751 to be distributed to 5794944
    Hence 5793944 divided by 1214751 =4.76
    Those applied 156 shares 156 minus 13=143 divided by 4.76=30 shares + minimum allotment 13shares= 43 shares
    Hence those applied ,156 shares 43 shares allotted

      @ Master Wizard

      I am taking the liberty to add a line to your above comment.

      If you look at the basis of allotment in shareholder category, maximum applications came in the 1 Lot and 13 Lot category. In the 13 Lot category all were allotted 45 shares, but a few applications were allotted 46 shares. This post is also in reply to a question posted by Mr. Adesh Jain.

    got 1/2 in HDFC AMC IPO but still, the shares are not reflecting in Zerodha?? Experts please advice??

      Read somewhere that at zerodha, they will reflect at 9am on 6th august

        Yes. Around 8:57AM they will be visible in Zerodha. I’ve Zerodha accounts so I am 100% sure.

    Why should FII be in a hurry to buy this on a very first day?
    They know that if this stock dont move above 1650 and get stuck near this level retail and individuals will start selling and it will give them excellent opportunity to buy at a lower level…
    not every retail investor and HNI have a long term view…
    most of them buys for a IPO gains and they book profit as soon as they see price discovery is over…

    Isn’t it good chances that it may not behave as general public is expecting???

      No one can predict the price movement. I would suggest to buy in smaller chunks..

    So guys anybody looking to buy HDFC AMC IPO after listing?? I am thinking to buy in preopen. The demand would be huge from FII so chances are high that after listing it can rocket up in north direction.

    Right now premium 530-535….goes to 580 in evening and back from their…..too much up down now….

    Gmp in the afternoon today was 550.
    I believe any value abt 1500 in listing is a must buy, and a value above 1700 can be used to book profits ( for short tem traders).
    Ofcourse those wanting to keep for long term should not bother on any rate, and just keep. And those wanting to enter fresh for long term, i think any rate less than 1500 could be good.
    I sold 75% of mine on todays gmp and will retain the remaining 25% for long term.

    Date : 06/08/2018
    BSE Script Code : 541729
    NSE Symbol : HDFCAMC
    ISIN : INE127D01025
    Issue Price : 1100
    Min. Shares : 13

      Have you heard the saying “Everything is fair in love and war”? In case of HDFC also, everything is fair… You can blindly buy at any price and can expect 20% CAGR of any of HDFC group companies’ share.. HDFC or HDFC LIFE or HDFC BANK or HDFC AMC (From Monday onwards) 🙂

        Correctly said. HDFC is not only a Brand Name, but a Belief.

        One can make a complete portfolio of the above mentioned 4 stocks and expect to make 15-20% CAGR year after year. Great pedigree. You have a HFC, a Bank, a Life Insurance Company and a Financial Saving Instrument Company.

        Gmp is 500 as of nw looks it wll list arnd wll nt add at those lvls..1350 arnd shld b a good lvl to add. Thng is AMC is normally valued as % of their AUM. Normal range is 5-6% of as hdfc has superior returns, good brand, mkt wll give premium. So even if i apply 7.5 – 8% to 2019 expected aum of 3.75 lakh cr (assumed growth of 25%), fair value comes to around 1350 to 1500. At 1500 it wll trade at around 33x fy 2019 eps. So at 1500 i thnk better nt to add and wait fr dips to around 1350. This is jst my assumption fr nw..we need to see wht value mkt wants to give. So we cn take a call after listing..

        I got ur point but I want to make sure abut general calculations for fair value


    Secondary market has fallen the last two days due to external reasons coupled with RBI’s decision to hike Repo rate consecutively. We have tomorrow’s trading day before listing on Monday.

    ** If market falls tomorrow also will it have an impact on listing ??
    ** If there is an impact, and after listing, if the stock comes around 1400 levels, is it a buy from the secondary market ???
    ** Some thoughts please !!!

      We should discuss this tomorrow after market is closed. We will have more clear picture. However, I don’t think it will list anything below 1450 even if market crashes. Almost everybody (QIBs, NIIs and RIIs) is SUPER bullish on HDFC Brand and it’s well deserved too!

      Anand Ji, Your anxiety is totally acceptable regarding the listing of HDFC AMC. Here, I would like to clarify that even if the Nifty crashes 100 Points today and on listing day, still the chances are very less that HDFC AMC IPO will list below 1400. However, as nothing is sure in the Market if god forbid HDFC AMC IPO list below 1400 everyone will come to grab it including myself and price at the E.O.D will easily cross 1500. So no worries just enjoy the happiness of allotment and relax.


    We had some nice discussions during this IPO. Mixed to good results for me.

    1. 0/13 each for three applications in RII category.
    2. 46/169 each for three applications in SH category.

    Now lets look forward to listing !!!

      Bad luck! Listing day me bana Lena Paisa… Mast mauka hoga.. 😎

    Yes, allotments are visible on karvy site. I just checked mine. 2 out of 5 in retail allotted.
    And in SH catrgory, though ppl are getting 46 out fo 169, i got 45 in one and 46 in the other three.
    Does anyone have the basis of allotment. If so pls post

    Still no information for me….Anyone whose application got accepted or rejected?

    Hello … Ye jo yha retail category me 6.73 multiply subscribe dikha rha h … Aur app wise 4 multiply hai … Iska kya mtlb hai …jha tk mujhe lgta h … Logon ne retail me application 4 multiply me ki h … Aur shares ke liye jo apply kiya h vo 6.73 me … Mns kuch logo ne applications se 13 se jyada share ke liye apply kiys hai … Ussi vjah se ye difference hai … Is m right sir ?

    Basis of Allotment Approved by Exchange.
    Retail Investors will get 13 Shares for minimum bid lot in 994 : 3879 ratio
    From 26 – 169 bid lot will get 13 Shares in 41 : 160 ratio
    HNI Final Subscription: 194.38504
    Unblocking of Funds: 02-Aug-2018
    Credit of Shares : 03-Aug-2018
    Listing of Shares: 06-Aug -2018

    From a reliable resource:
    Retail allotment is => 3.9024x. So 1/3.9024 chances of allotment.
    Share ratio 3.33 shares per application (Including HNIs, QIBs etc)

    Aaj lakhon log apne account se Rs.14300/- debit hone ka wait Kar rahe Hain

    I don’t think one should look at this for listing gain . It is a portfolio stock and just keep it for many years and you will get reward with good returns.

    I believe that HDFC IPO GMP Rs. 580/590 is not sustainable and will decline tomorrow. listing can be around Rs. 1650 and hence Rs. 550 is okay and not more.

    HDFC AMC IPO allotment & Listing date:-

    Allotment:- 02/08/18
    Banking sms 2 pm
    Website update 8 pm

    Listing :- 06/08/18 Monday

    I have one query…i have hdfc ltd shares since sept 17..but at the time of record date shares was in pool account not in demate…so is it eligible for share holder quota reservation?? I have already applied in that…..

    Premium little falling from 630 to 590 around now…..hope it will not fall more….expect block bluster listing….


    What should be a decent price to buy from secondary market after a correction ? Any thoughts ?

      Predicting a decent price is tough! But I think price decided in PREOPEN should be the BEST Price to buy!

      Just keep holding this gem! It’s a super portfolio stock.

    People looking for listing gains will exit on listing, mainly, NIIs, may be worthwhile buying from secondary market at corrections.

      Application-wise it’s been subscribed 4.32X hence out of approx 4 applications, 1 allotment will be there.. (assuming .32X applications will be rejected on technical grounds)


    In present mood of markets, it should list at 1650 minimum…..then it will depend on that day’s demand/supply

      No targets now plz 🙏🏼

      These targets often spoils the issue

      TCNS is the latest example

    HDFC AMC IPO update

    Finalization of basis of allotment: 1 August 2018

    Unblocking of ASBA account: 2 August 2018

    Credit to demat accounts: 3 August 2018

    Listing on stock exchanges: 6 August 2018

    If assuming 70,000 applicants in shareholder category.
    1. 13 shares firm allotment to those who applied minimum lot.
    2. Total 24 lakh shares available for allotment.
    3 .70000 x 13 = 9,10,000/- . 24 lakh minus 9,10,000 = 14,90,000
    4. 14,90,000 shares distributed to those applied above 13 shares in proportionate basis.
    5.Total shares received is 64,56,000 minus those allotted minimum shares 9,10,000 = 55,46,000
    6. 55,46,000 divided by 14,90,000 = 3.7 times.
    7. So 169 divided by 3.7 = 45 + 13 shares 58 . Total 58 shares will be allotted to those who applied 169 shares.

    अगर किसी के पास ऐसा कोई जादुई मैसेज है जिसको 11 लोगो को भेजने से HDFC AMC LTD IPO मैं कन्फर्म अलॉटमेंट मिल जाएगा तो कृपया भेजने की कृपा करें😀🤣😂

    GMP 620 +/- 2
    Kostak 1800

    GMP 43 +/- 1

    An erroneous message is doing the round on Whatsapp after grand success of HDFC’s recent public issue, in as much as that the issue got 0.91% of Indian GDP. This is minimum 100 times false because India’s latest GDP is USD 2597 bn where as 1.71lakh cr collected by public issue translates into USD 24 bn only.
    RajGopal Guptq

    Those who guarantee that you can learn about investing after attending their 2 days’ seminar are the same person who were advising investors before DMart IPO that Rs. 299/- price is not sustainable.


    *It happens only In India.*

    Total Population 132 crores,
    Demat Holders 4 crores,
    Regular traders 25 Lakhs,

    *Market Advisors 6 crores*


    how many no of application in shareholder quota ?

    can anyone have info ?

    please post. thanks

      Sailesh. This info is not avlble officially till allotment is done. However, just below, santoshji has indicated the mkt gossip of abt 80-90 th forms under sh category.
      So long as the applications under sh category are below 1.8 lacs or so, the system will make it proportionate. So let us hope even if they are above 80-90 th , they still are below 1.8 lacs

    Market is assuming approx 80-90K forms to be from shareholders & employees.

    And 1L forms will be rejected on technical grounds. Leaving a balance of 24L valid applications for retail category … therefore approx 4X time total subsciption application-wise… So in retail chances of allotment are 25% i.e. 1/4..

      Dear Santosh,

      Total No. of shares in SH category – 24,00,000
      No. of shares wise over subscribtion – 2.69 times

      With above numbers is it safe to assume that 24,00,000 / 13 = 1, 84,615…. If the over subscription is not more than 1.85 Lac applications, then all applicants will get one lot each ???

      If the appl are below 1.84 lacs, then proportional and if above 1.85 lacs, then all get 13 shares each

        @ Adesh,

        Could you please explain in greater detail allotment methodology in SH portion in case of over subscribtion. A typical case here of over subscription number of shares wise and less applications due to some people applying for higher lots.

        I am confused reading your reply, especially the second part ” if above 1.85 lacs ….”

        @anand ji.
        The moment their are applications above 1.85 lacs, it implies that the shareholder portion is subscribed assuming the minimum lot of 13 shares each were applied.
        In such a case, irrespective of anyone applying higher no. Of shares, only the min lot will be allotted ( absolutely similar to retail investor category).
        Now if the no. Of appl are less than 1.84 lacs, that means the issue was not subscribed fully based on min lot per appl assumption. In that case, the allotment will be on proportionate basis, and hence benefitting those who have applied addl shares.
        I am not sure however , in this case, whether all those who have applied minimum are first allotted full shares and then the balance is given proportionately OR whether the entire allotment is proprtionate even to the min lot shareholders

          @ Adesh,

          Thanks a lot for your reply.

          Will I be correct in saying ” If the number of applications go more than 1.85 Lacs, then here allotment will be same as RII’s – lottery !!!!”. ?

      Application wise subscription means how many application are received for a particular IPO. Let us say if xyz company offering 100 shares to public which is having minimum 10 lot. So for 1 time subscription we need 10 application. Now if 1000 people apply with 10 lot each so application wise subscription would be 1000/10=100. Hope it gets clear.

      Hitesh. The concept is that once issue is oversubscribed in a category, then it is first checked if all are allotted min lot, will the issue still be subscribed. If so, then all exta amount appl are irrelevant.
      So, here, even if the issue in retail is subscribed e.g. 7 times ( since ppl apply more than min lot) but based on just no. Of appl, it is e.g 4 times, then ratio would be 1:4 for allotment and not 1:7.
      Hence the usefulness of no. of appl.
      ( Also the reason why ppl are keen to know no. Of appl in shareholder category, bcos, as u must be seeing above, if less than 1.84 lac appl, all those who applied more than min lot will get proportionate and if 1.85 lac appl or more, just 13 share or less)

    Size of Retail Bids
    HDFC AMC : 5235cr
    RITES : 2213cr
    Amber Enterprises : 2424cr
    Apollo Microsystems : 2331cr
    Reliance Nippon AMC : 3050cr
    GIC : 2505 cr
    MAS Financial : 2548cr
    Godrej Aggrovet : 2882 cr
    SBI Life Insurance : 2103 cr
    ICICI Lombard : 2326 cr
    Capacite Infra : 2510 cr
    Dixon Tech : 2224 cr
    Cochin Shipyard : 4267 cr
    Au Finance : 2312 cr
    HUDCO : 4535 cr
    Dmart : 4843 cr

    New record made by HDFC AMC, highest ever 5250cr from retail, certainly looks like many FDs were broken recently.

    सुन ऐ Grey Market….

    तुझे भी गुरु पूर्णिमा मुबारक

    तूने भी बहुत कुछ सिखाया है.


      This data is available with Lead Managers and Registrars only.

    HDFC IPO Market expecting:

    NII — ₹80K Crs (219X) (NBFCs charging 9%pa for 7 days)
    RII — 25L Applications
    GMP 520 +/- 2
    Kostak 1600

    So IPO is subscribed 10.24 times, so what will be the probability of allotting the shares ?

      Application wise it’s 3.10X hence 10 allotments in 31 applications or approx 1 out of 3.

    At 11 AM:
    Total Nos Retail Applications: 1726429
    Application Wise : 2.89 X subscribed in the retail category.

    Can one modify no of bids in asba application?

    Eg today i applied for 1 lot in hdfc ipo, can i modify it to 2 lots or 3lots tom morning?

      @ Dalchand

      If you have applied in the share holder portion, you can take a chance by modifying the same to 2 lots. As it stands now, there is an outside chance for higher allotment.

      In retail investor portion there is no chance of higher allotment.

      All the best !!!! Happy investing !!!

    I want to share a few thoughts and figures I gathered from a discussion on another platform.

    1. 24,00,000 shares up for allotment in share holders category.
    2. Approximately 2,42,000 share holders as on eligibility date.
    3. That means upwards of 70% share holders need to apply.
    4. Applicants shall apply for multiple lots, like me.
    5. Decent chance of allotment looking at the trend at the end of the day today.
    6. Caution ….ICICI Pru Life share holder quota got more than 10 times subscription on last day.

      HDFC is a big brand and unlike Anil Ambani companies
      HDFC rewards everyone be it is trader , investor .

      check performance of HDFC,HDFC BANK AND HDFC Insurance.
      It is trusted by everyone and do not have debt like Anil ambani companies.
      It will give stellar results.

    HDFC AMC IPO Turn out to be next Reliance Power..?
    RPOWER Big IPO came in 2008 when the market was in the Bull run and at all-time high levels. Spoiled name and reputation of Reliance and Anil Ambani.
    Similarly today exactly after 10 years HDFC AMC IPO came at all-time high levels.

    Let all pray to God that HDFC AMC may not turn out another Rpower and not spoil the name of HDFC.

      It won’t Anuj. The Reliance Power IPO was based on some manipulation in financials and it was marketed so heavily that everyone at nook and corner of India has made an investment. Nothing like this will gonna happened with HDFC Group Company. Apply with no worries.

      Don’t be a pessimist brother. HDFC AMC is way too much better than RPower and as a group HDFC is much better than ADAG.

    GMP 532 +/- 2
    Kostak 1700

    GMP 32 +/- 1

    Application wise it’s been Subscribed 2.25 times in retail category by 5PM!

    1> Mahindra AMC, Managing Director and CEO Ashutosh Bishnoi Told PTI, that Indian Mutual Fund Industry will reach 100 Lacs Crore by 2025 from 23.5 Lacs Crore today.

    2> We all know that currently, India’s AUM/GDP ratio stands at 11% which is quite below as compared to the worldwide average of 62%. The Indian economy is expected to be double in next 7 years and by 2025 we will become 5 Trillion Dollar Economy. So by considering the AUM at 100 Trillion in 2025, our AUM/GDP would probably reach 28%[ Considering the dollar at 70].

    3> HDFC AMC being a leader will going to benefits immensely from this AUM growth of 27.76%.


    Market expecting:

    NII — ₹90K Crs (246X)
    (NBFCs charging 10%pa for 7 days)

    RII — 22L Applications

    GMP 525 +/- 2
    Kostak 1850

    HDFC Mutual Fund IPO is a better bet than HDFC Mutual Funds for short-term gains :).
    So, apply with full force for bumper listing gains!!

    Next upcoming IPO is Lodha Developers. The company is raising Rs.5500 Cr from the IPO. It would be a mix of Fresh Shares and OFS by promoters.

    GMP 497 +/- 2
    Kostak 1750

    GMP 30 +/- 1

        @Santosh Singh

        Could you please elaborate why have you commented on Mr. Paliwal’s message as risky.

        I have already applied for three lots in the RII category and am waiting to put three or more lots in the share holder category. You elaboration shall be of tremendous help.

    Highest applications received in RII category, since January 2016, as per live subscription figures
    Cochin Shipyards Limited – 20,74,982 applications – August 2017.
    HUDCO Limited – 20,13,643 applications – May 2017.
    Avenue Supermarkets Limited – 18,65,900 applications – March 2017.
    Central Depository Services Limited – 18,54,513 applications – June 2017.
    Reliance Nippon Life Asset Management Limited – 16,37,276 applications – October 2017.

    a> IIFL is offering to fund for HDFC AMC IPO at an interest rate of 8.5% for HNIs.
    b> Anand Rathi at 7%
    c> Axis Capital at 8%

    There is a very much confusion prevailing around HDFC AMC IPO that how many lots one should apply under retail, shareholders, or Employee quota. Will maximum 13 lots available for retail should be the combination of ( Retail, Shareholders and Employee ) or we can apply 1 lot in Retail and 12 lots in Shareholders+ Employee or 13 lot each in Retail or Shareholders or Employee. I would like to clarify that all the categories will be oversubscribed eventually by tomorrow or day after tomorrow. So no point of applying more than 1 lot each in all categories wherever you are eligible. Hope it clears everyone’s doubt.

    HDFC AMC ipo
    A great ipo once in a life time ipo
    Must apply from all accounts
    High chances of allotment compared to others as equity is large
    Expected listing gains 30-40%
    Good for listing gains as well as long term

    I want to apply in shareholder quota in HDFC AMC Public Issue through ASBA. PLEASE ADVISE ME THE PROCEDURE FOR THE SAME

      Hey Gope, You can select SHAREHOLDER quota instead of RII while selecting the category. If you’ve any confusion, contact your bank support and they will guide you.

        Please contact their support and ask them. They should be able to help.

    Retail quota will subscribe 3.5 times by application wise. Shareholder quota will subscribe above 15 times.

    Dear Admin,

    to increase the chances of allotment – is it better to apply one lot each in shareholder and general retail category or just one lot in shareholder category ? Please advise, thanks.

      One lot in retail and one lot in Shareholder category for best chances.

    Five of the largest global active asset managers including Capital, Fidelity, Blackrock, Temasek, etc. have participated in the anchor leg.

    HDFC AMC IPO raised Rs 732 crore from anchor investors, ahead of its initial share sale beginning today. It has allotted 66.53 lakh shares at a price of Rs 1,100 per share to 61 anchor investors garnering Rs 732 crore.

    Brokerage View on HDFC AMC IPO

    1> Motilal Oswal Securities has recommended “subscribe” to the HDFC AMC IPO issue. “Favourable perception of HDFC AMC brand, higher mix of high-margin equity oriented AUM, consistent RoE of 40%, a wide distribution network and increasing dividend payouts work in HDFC AMC’s favour.

    2> Choice Broking also has a “subscribe” recommendation to the issue. “On the valuation front, HDFC AMC is demanding a valuation of 7.8% to its FY18 AUM, whereas as its only peer Reliance Nippon Life Asset Management Ltd is trading at 5.6% to its AUM. Considering the higher concentration of equity assets in the AUM, most profitable AMC tag and the brand name associated, we feel that the higher valuation demanded by HDFC AMC seems to be justified.

    HDFC group company HDFC LIFE Insurance came up with an IPO in the month of November 2017 at an Issue price of 290 on higher band. The listing was timid at around 310. However, post listing it has given spectacular results and as on today trading at 485, which is almost 68% return since listing. So guys HDFC AMC will also rock like this.

      @Umesh Paliwalji,

      I agree with you cent percent.

      All the analysis reports I have read, have also come out with a “subscribe” recommendation.

    How does one apply through ASBA in the shareholder and retail portion separately? I do not see any separate column on the ASBA form.

      Apply separately 1 lot each in retail and shareholder quota

    Quota Overview:
    1. QIB- 43.5%
    2. HNI-13%
    3. Retail-30%
    4. HDFC AMC Employee-1.25%
    5. HDFC Employee-2.19%
    6. HDFC Shareholder-9.42%

    India’s MF market is still at a nascent stage as asset base of mutual funds as a percentage of GDP is just 11 percent and there is room for growth. The global average for the same is 62 percent, while in the USA, it exceeds over 100 percent. India has a culture of saving. Indians save Rs 20-30 lakh crore every year, which indicates immense scope for channelizing this saving into MF industry.

    Guys do not sell your application in the grey market. Apply in HDFC AMC IPO with maximum number of accounts possible and you will definitely enjoy the listing gain.

      Umesh ji, can you pl guide how to apply for both retail portion and shareholder quota separately on ASBA? I do not see any column in the online form. Thanks.

        Apply separately 1 lot each in retail and shareholder quota.

          Thanks Umeshji. However, on the ASBA online form, I do not see any place where one has to define whether one is applying in the shareholder quota or in retail.

    *Coming Ipo*
    *07AUG TO 09AUG*

    How valuation of AMC businesses in India is calculated??

    >The P/E and P/B valuation tools to measure valuation are not generally true for AMC companies.

    >The AMCs are valued as a percentage of AUM( Asset Under Management). Generally market values company at around 5-6% of the AUM on the higher side.

    >Recently IDFC AMC was on final stage of negotiation to be aquired by Avendus group at a valuation around 5% of AUM.

    > HDFC AMC IPO is having AUM of 2,93,000 Cr and M.cap of 23161 Cr. So the IPO is valued at 8% of AUM which looks on higher side but hold on as per market pandits, the sale of operation, market leadership, performance and brand also matters a lot. So just can’t gauze valuation by looking at just one parameter.

    > Important point to note is– The AMCs businesses do not get higher valuations as like Life Insurance, banks or general insurance industry. So we have to look the Industry in that perspective before investing.


      I need your advice on the following point:

      I am aware that in RII category, in the event of over subscription, allotment is on lottery basis and at best one can expect 1 lot of allotment.

      However in share holder category, is the allotment on proportionate basis ? If so, can I conclude that if you apply for more number of shares, ofcourse less than Rs. 2,00,000/-, your chances are more !!1 Please advice.

        Only if shareholders category is not fully Subscribed. Most probably, it will be fully Subscribed as this is HDFC so better apply for 1 lot only in Shareholder category..

        Allotment in Shareholders category would also be on a lottery basis. The number of shares reserved for shareholders category is 24 lacs[264 Cr] and for the retail category is 77 lacs[ 847 cr]. You can apply a maximum of 13 lots combining both retail and shareholder category. We are expecting retailers will put application around 3000 Cr ( 3-4 times subscription ). It is hard to predict how much HDFC shareholders will apply but being a brand it will definitely be oversubscribed. So my strategy would be to apply one lot in both Retail quota and Shareholder quota to maximize your chances of allotment.

    01/04/2017 to 31/12/2017 time period ni eps 188 chhe. if we annualize it, it may by 251 rs.. if the total issue is ofs. than there is not question of capital increase. why you have written post issue eps as 31 ? IT SHOULD BE 251/- IF IT IS 251, THAN PREMIUM IS VERY VERY LOW. PLEASE CLEAR THE MATTER.

      Till 9MFY18, the company has issued 26139000 Equity Shares and accordingly EPS was 188. However, on February 7, 2018, the company has issued bonus shares of 78,958,200, so total shares becomes =26139000+78,958,200=105277200. Then on February 13, 2018, the shares got split in the ratio 2:1, so total shares becomes= 105277200*2=210554400.That means at the end of FY18 i.e March 18, total shares outstanding were 21.05 Cr approx. The Annualized profit of the year was at 660 Cr, so EPS would be 660/21.05= 31.35. Hope it clears your doubt.

    Admin ji pls guide

    More than 2 lacs ki application HNI quota me offline kar sakte he..?

      Yes. aap ya toh broker ke paas jake ya phir apne bank ke pass jake form bhar sakte hai. form aapko nse/bse ki website se mil jayega. Appke case main 50,000 se upar ki application hai toh PAN card ki copy lagani hogi. Aur ek baat dhyan rakhiyega agar aap bank se apply kar rahe hai toh us bank main ASBA facility honi chaiye joki aajkal waise sare chote bade banks main hoti hai phir bhi ek baar check kar le.

    For Retail quota—
    Eligible HDFC Shareholders can apply for shares under both the HDFC Shareholders Reservation quota and non-reserved portion (retail quota). However, the maximum shares adding both the category can’t be more than 169 shares else both the applications will be rejected.

    Hdfc amc ipo
    Record date for
    Hdfc share holders to apply was
    (I.e 14 march)
    Those who hold in demat on or before 14 march can apply in HDFC share holder quota.

    Apply .One of the most investor friendly group .If alloted keep this as your portfolio stock

    RITES IPO was subscribed 15 times in retail category and the total amount applied by Retail investor was tune to 2500 Cr. Now the total valuation of upcoming HDFC AMC IPO is around 3500 Cr, under which 1225 Cr(35%) is reserved for retail category. So if we consider the brand of HDFC, we expect that Retailers will apply more in HDFC as compared to RITES. Let us suppose Retailers put 4000 Cr application( 60% more than RITES), then retail category can be subscribed around =3.5 times (4000/1225). So chances of allotment is high in HDFC being a large size IPO.

    The issue may be postponed to another two weeks , as SEBI directs HDFC AMC to cancel pre-IPO share sale, and return investors’ capital. Actually HDFC has issued shares worth Rs 150 crore to 140 distributors and advisors at Rs 1,050 per share in April.

    PRICE BANK 1345 TO 1360
    RETAIL 35%

    *******Tentative Price of HDFC AMC IPO***********
    Issue Price could be in the range of 1200-1500.

    HDFC AMC IPO is an OFS of 25,457,555 No. of shares wherein HDFC Limited is selling 8,592,970 EQUITY SHARES and STANDARD LIFE INVESTMENTS LIMITED selling 16,864,585 EQUITY SHARES to public.








    HDFC AMC IPO. Below are the final dates for the launch:

    Price Band: July 4th
    Anchor: July 10th
    Issue Opens: July 11th
    Issue Closes: July 13th

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