Owais Metal and Mineral Processing Limited IPO

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Owais stands at the forefront of the metals and minerals manufacturing and processing industry, showcasing a diverse portfolio that includes Manganese Oxide (MNO), MC Ferro Manganese, Wood Charcoal, and a variety of processed minerals such as Ferro Alloy, Quartz, and Manganese Ore.

Product Applications and Market Integration

  • The company’s products serve a wide range of industries, from the fertilizer sector to steel manufacturing, highlighting their essential role in improving product durability, machinability, and malleability. The addition of Wood Charcoal and Processed Quartz to their portfolio demonstrates Owais’s commitment to meeting industry demands and exploring new market opportunities.

Geographic Reach and Strategic Location

  • Owais has established a strong market presence in states such as Madhya Pradesh, Maharashtra, Punjab, Delhi, and Gujarat. The strategic placement of its factory in Meghnagar optimizes transportation and labor costs, catering efficiently to the major consumers of its flagship products.

Expansion and Growth

  • The company has seen significant expansion, moving from a rented manufacturing facility to owning comprehensive manufacturing units in strategic locations. This growth is underpinned by a commitment to operational excellence and the exploration of new product lines like Wood Charcoal and Processed Quartz.

Social Responsibility and Women Empowerment

  • A cornerstone of Owais’s corporate ethos is women empowerment, with a workforce majority comprised of women. This initiative is part of a broader industry movement towards gender diversity and equal opportunities in traditionally male-dominated fields.

Research & Development Focus

  • The company boasts a dedicated R&D department, pioneering in processes such as gold extraction from quartz and automation in wood charcoal production. These efforts underscore Owais’s commitment to innovation, efficiency, and environmental responsibility.

Product Excellence and Customer Relationships

  • Owais has established a strong foothold with key products such as Manganese Oxide, MC Ferro Manganese, Wood Charcoal, and Processed Quartz, serving a broad customer base that includes industry leaders across various sectors.

In summary, Owais represents a blend of operational excellence, strategic market positioning, and a forward-looking approach to business growth and social responsibility. The company’s dedication to innovation, sustainability, and empowerment sets a benchmark in the natural resources sector, promising long-term value creation for all stakeholders.

Objects of the Owais Metal and Mineral Processing Limited IPO:

The company intends to utilize the Net Fresh Issue Proceeds for the following Objects: i. Purchase of Equipment to Facilitate Manufacturing ii. Working Capital Requirements iii. General Corporate Purposes.

Owais Metal and Mineral Processing Limited IPO Details:

Open Date: Feb 26 2024
Close Date: Feb 28 2024
Total Shares: 4,907,200
Face Value: ₹ 10 Per Equity Share
Issue Size: 42.69 Cr.
Lot Size: 1600 Shares
Issue Price: ₹ 83 - 87 Per Equity Share
Listing At: NSE Emerge
Listing Date: Mar 04 2024

Promoters And Management:

Mr. Saiyyed Owais Ali, aged 28 years, is the Promoter and Managing Director of the Company. He is the Director of the Company since Incorporation of the Company. He was reappointed as Managing Director of the company for a period of 5 years w.e.f. August 17, 2023. He is a young qualified civil engineer from well-known college Symbiosis Pune having sufficient experience of mining, manufacturing and construction business. He has done his MBA from London University. He is the driving force behind the working of the company and has been the mentor to all the employees. As a leader, he always delivers value to the customers and endeavor in fulfilling / exceeding their expectations and is involved in day-today execution of projects. In a Company he is responsible for providing strategic advice and guidance to the members of the board, to keep them aware of developments within the industry and ensure that the appropriate policies are developed to meet the company’s mission and objectives and to comply with all relevant statutory and other regulations. Mr. Saiyyed Murtuza Ali, aged 22 years, is the Promoter and Executive Director of the Company. He has completed his Higher Secondary from Birla International School Bander Sindri Ajmer. He was Appointed as Executive Director of the Company w.e.f. August 17, 2023. He is the youngest and enthusiastic director of the company and has more than a year experience in this industry. He is mainly focused on the diversified business market. His capabilities and vision will lead the group to new heights. He understands the impact of his family business and its legacy that new relies on him to ensure it continues. Mr. Sayyad Akhtar Ali, aged 53 years, is the Promoter and Non-Executive of the Company. He was appointed as one of the first director of the company at the time of incorporation, later his designation was changed to Non-Executive w.e.f. July 24, 2023. He has decade long experience in handling the Construction, Manufacturing and Mining Business. His expertise on the operational side of the Business is commendable, his presence in every project is the reason behind excellent execution. The Group’s Success and Growth in these two decades are the result of his business decisions. He believes in being associated with the roots.

Financials of Owais Metal and Mineral Processing Limited IPO:

Particulars ( In Lakhs )
Revenue from Operations 2,088 2,798 3,918 3,952
Other Income 21 34 56 26
Total Revenue 2,109 2,833 3,973 3,978
Cost of Materials Consumed 871 1,193 3,538 3,254
Purhcase of Trading Goods 1,650 320 0 0
Changes in Inventories -624 1,055 -537 -617
Employees Benefit Expenses 48 34 43 75
Other Expenses 10 18 25 44
EBITDA 154 212 905 1,221
Depreciation & Amortisation 47 42 39 85
Finance cost 74 105 143 113
EBIT 106 170 866 1,136
OPM (%) 7.29% 7.47% 22.78% 30.69%
PBT 33 65 723 1023
Tax 8 16 182 257
PAT 24 49 541 765
NPM (%) 1.16% 1.72% 13.62% 19.24%
No.of Shares 181.82 181.82 181.82 181.82
EPS 0.13 0.26 2.97 4.20

Comparison With Peers:

Name of the Company Revenue (In Crore) PAT (In Crore) EPS ( in Rs) P/E CMP Mcap (In Crore)
Owais Metals and Minerals Processing Limited 39 5 2.97 29.2 87 158
Impex Ferro Tech Limited 143 -34 -3.82 N/A 5.2 46
Indian Metals & Ferro Alloys Ltd 2,676 226 41.75 9.1 633 3,413
* All the data is as per FY23.

Recommendation on Owais Metal and Mineral Processing Limited IPO:

Lead Manager of Owais Metal and Mineral Processing Limited IPO:

  1. Gretex Corporate Services Private Limited

Registrar of Owais Metal and Mineral Processing Limited IPO:

  1. Bigshare Services Private Limited

Company Address:

Owais Metal and Mineral Processing Limited C/o Sayyad Akhtar Ali Vahid Nagar, Old Baipass Road NA Ratlam - 457001 Phone: +91-9300096498 Email: info@ommpl.com Website: http://www.ommpl.com/

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