Wipro Buyback 2023

Wipro is an Indian multinational corporation that provides information technology, consulting and business process services to customers in 167 countries. It was founded in 1945 as a vegetable oil manufacturer and later diversified into IT and computing industry in the 1970s and 1980s. Wipro is headquartered in Bengaluru, India, and has overseas offices in New Jersey, USA. Wipro’s capabilities range across cloud computing, cyber security, digital transformation, artificial intelligence, robotics, data analytics, and other technology consulting services. Wipro also has a separate company called Wipro Enterprises that focuses on consumer care, lighting, furniture, hydraulics, water treatment, and medical diagnostics.

Buy Back Offer Deal:

Buyback Type: Tender Offer
Buyback Offer Amount: ₹ 12,000 Cr
Date of Board Meeting approving the proposal: Apr 27 2023
Date of Public Announcement: Apr 27 2023
Buyback Offer Size: 4.91%
Buyback Number of Shares: 26,96,62,921
Price Type: Tender Offer
Buyback Price: ₹ 445 Per Equity Share

Details of Buyback:

The proposal to buyback not exceeding 26,96,62,921 (Twenty Six Crore Ninety Six Lakh Sixty Two Thousand Nine Hundred and Twenty One only) equity shares of the Company (representing 4.91% of the total number of equity shares in the paid-up share capital of the Company) at a price of Rs. 445 (Rupees  Four Hundred Forty-Five Only) per equity share payable in cash for an aggregate consideration not exceeding 12,000 Cr (Rupees Twelve Thousand Crores Only).

Salient financial parameters:

Particulars Mar 2018 Mar 2019 Mar 2020 Mar 2021 Mar 2022
Sales + 54,487 59,019 61,138 61,935 79,312
Expenses + 44,100 47,406 48,795 47,164 62,628
Operating Profit 10,387 11,613 12,342 14,771 16,684
OPM % 19% 20% 20% 24% 21%
Other Income + 2,550 2,614 2,728 2,404 2,067
Interest 583 738 733 509 532
Depreciation 2,112 1,947 2,086 2,763 3,078
Profit before tax 10,242 11,542 12,252 13,903 15,141
Tax % 22% 22% 20% 22% 19%
Net Profit 8,003 9,018 9,772 10,868 12,243
EPS in Rs 13.27 14.92 17.02 19.7 22.31
Dividend Payout % 6% 7% 6% 5% 27%

How to Participate in buyback?

1. Firstly, to be eligible for the buyback the investor should have shares of  Wipro Limited in  Demat or physical form as on the record date [To Be Updated]
2. Once you have shares in Demat, you can participate in the buyback process which is opening from [To Be Updated] by selling your shares through your broker on NSE or BSE.
3. Then on [To Be Updated], the payment will be given to you for accepted shares and unaccepted shares will be returned to your Demat account.

Profit from the buyback on the bases of acceptance Ratio:

Buy 449 Shares at CMP of Rs. 375 (2,00,000/445)
Acceptance Ratio 33% 50% 75% 100%
Amount Invested In Buyback 1,68,375 1,68,375 1,68,375 1,68,375
No. of Shares Buyback 148 225 337 449
Buyback Profit 10,360 15,750 23,590 31,430
Profit % 6.15% 9.35% 14.01% 18.70%


Expected AR would be around 30%. So take call accordingly.


    WIPRO Buyback RECORD DATE Announced

    Record Date for Eligibility : Friday, JUNE 16

    Buyback Price : 445 ₹
    Today’s Closing Price : 405 ₹

    Buyback Size ₹ : 12,000 Crore
    Buyback Size in Share : 26,96,62,921 Shares

    Retail Reservation : 4,04,49,439 Shares

      Umesh ji,
      Thank you very much for your kind information.


      But Record date not declared alongwith the e voting result as expected

    I booked my profit today and move out from Wipro. Will buy again if available on a better price.

    SRK Ji, for about 2 years I was away from Buy Back so forgot all about Buy Back. Request to teach me about its time frame etc.

      Tarun ji,
      Happy to see your message after a long time. Hope that everything is fine at your end. Regarding time frame of the buyback, it has become a difficult task to assess nowadays, as there is no hard and fast rules. Generally, it will be two and half months from the announcement. It may vary from one to another. Sorry, if I disappointed you. All the best.

        Sir Namaste i am following you since several days i hope u can clear my doubts in wipro so plese help me
        why today wipro is falling heavily despite of the buyback date announcement date is awaiting
        is there any specific reason

          Dear Rao ji, fluctuations in the share price is a regular aspect and it happens through out the trading day. You alone should decide at what price you should buy or sell. Please avoid taking advice from any one other than closely known friends or relatives
          If the price has fallen by a few rupees, please don’t bother much.Accept it as natural. Please avoid panic reactions atleast Wipro is a well reputed company, chance of cheating by the Promoters is not going to happen atleast. Wishing you luck and better luck 🙏

      SRK Ji, Thank you for quick response. I have purchased 450 shared at average price of rs.385.9 including brokerage taxes etc. How is my purchase? Today it’s bit down by @ rs.2 or so.

        Tarun ji,
        Earlier I have purchased 500 shares @ around Rs.372/-. Don’t worry too much about fluctuation of two or three rupees. Your price is a reasonable one, I believe.

      Every one is waiting for record date .buyback price 445 rs declared.

    Goldiam international board meeting on 20th May 23 for buyback .last time AR was very less.

    For the benefit of the readers who desires to know about Retail/ small share holder or Retail Category, the following is reproduced below:

    As defined under Regulation 2(i)(n) of the Buyback Regulations, a “Small Shareholder” is a Shareholder who holds Equity Shares whose market value, on the basis of closing price on Stock Exchanges as on Record Date, is not more than Rs 200,000/- (Rupees two hundred thousand only). For example, as on the Record Date, the volume of Equity Shares traded on BSE was 15,887 and on NSE was 1,14,137 Equity Shares. Accordingly, NSE, being the stock exchange with highest trading volume, the closing price at NSE was Rs 184.40 and hence all Shareholders holding not more than 1,084 Equity Shares (200000/ Rs.184.40= 1084.60) as on the Record Date are classified as ‘Small Shareholders’for the purpose of the Buyback Offer…..

    Thus Record date is the criteria as detailed above. Hope it is clear now to act accordingly to ensure that you enjoy the advantage of the retail category.

    In the buyback of the year 2020-21, the buyback price was Rs. 400/- and the market price on the closing day of the buyback I.e.,11/01/2021 has touched the price of Rs.440/- and on the subsequent day it touched the price of Rs. 460/-. It is needless to mention here that the AR was 100%. So, please don’t tender the shares for the buyback before the last day without observing the trend. This time also, I am hopefully looking forward for the AR of not less than 80% even in the present conditions of the market. All the best to all of you. Thank you.

      SRK Ji, Comprasion Between Last buyback of Wipro

      1. Market Senario :- Last time the situation for IT industries was favorable but this time it is totally different.
      2. No of Share for RII Category :- Last time total no of Share holder was Apx 7 Lacs in retail Category having total share Apx 7.61 Crore but this time total no of Share Holder in reserve category is double

      So as per my analysis AR will be around 50-60% this time.

        Ankit ji,
        Thank you very much for your response n analysis. Opinions may differ but not the relations. I believe that I have a little knowledge and hence I have particularly mentioned “even in the present conditions of the market”. Of course, my assessment may go wrong. Anyway, I appreciate your readiness to respond. All the best.

          Thanks Ankit and SRK Ji. Valuable advise which I will keep in mind. Also, can you give me approx timeline as per the new buyback rules so I can manage funds and plan accordingly.

            Hi Rohit ji, There was a mail regarding postal ballot voting for approval for buyback from shareholders and the voting will be until June 1st. So I am guessing the buyback record date should be post-approval, not before June 1st.

    WIPRO BIG SIZE Tender Buyback Proposed

    Buyback Price : 445 ₹
    Today’s Closing Price : 374.40 ₹

    Buyback Size ₹ : 12,000 Crore
    Buyback Size in Share : 26,96,62,921 Shares

    Retail Quota : 4,04,49,439 Shares
    Record Date for Eligibility : To Be Announced

      Thank you, Umesh Ji, for your kind information.

    Buyback Price Rs. 445 per Share
    Buyback Size 26,96,62,921 Equity Share through tender route
    Record date will Anounce After passing of special resolution
    through a postal ballot

    Tender offer at the rate of 445 rs
    Near about 27 cr shares will taken back

    Purchased 500 shares at the average price of Rs. 371.9 on 24/04 with the belief that the buyback will be through the Tender route as was on the previous occasions. All the best to all of you. Thank you.

        Thank you, Sumit ji. However, today also I have purchased 500 more shares @ around Rs. 374.10 for another account. Sir, have you purchased any?

          No Sir, I plan to buy at 368 or lower (if it happens ) before the dividend or later at Ex- dividend. My observation, is that whenever share is with Dividend and Buyback, it is better for tax and overall profit purpose to buy after ex-dividend,, IT companies are not flavor of the market, already suffered around 1.5L in TCS buyback…
          So taking care,,, All the best to you.

          Sir, can I bought share of amount less than 2lakh(on record date) from 2 account then still be consider as small share holder? Plz reply

            If the PANs and names of the holders of the two accounts are different, then it’s OK. If the PANs are same, you will not be considered a small share holder in that case.

            1. NO OF SHARES WIPRO PROPOSED BUYBACK :269662921
            2. (15%)MEANS RETAILES PROPOSED BUYBACK : 40449438
            3. NO OF SHARES HELD BY RETAIL INVESTORS:284151674
            4. NO . OF RETAILES : 2643812

    Welspun India to come up with Buyback on 27th April. The price has run from 63 to Rs 83 in 1 month.
    Can experts kindly suggest if it can be entered now for the sake of buyback?

      Sumit Ji
      the price movement in stock is exactly the same as previous BB.
      I think we should wait for details and price to reduce a bit.
      Would appreciate your opinion on the same.

        Thanks Nixon, I am feeling the same, but seen that there is a scope of price appreciation, as stock is Ok and dividend would also be given…. May be better to buy after record date of Dividend…
        If market goes up, then it would have price appreciation and BB, as in Welspun Ent. Else..
        I have put buy bid around 1000 (25%) at Rs 82, if it comes today…
        Would wait for more details in MOM of board meeting for any further addition.

    80% chance of open offer, as the primary reason is to boost the shar price and not to reward share holder.

      last four wipro buybacks was tender route,this time also they will announce tender route only…90 percent chances

      100% Chances is through tender route as the shareholding of Promotor and Promotor Group is 72.92% if they go through open market then their shareholding will be go beyond threshold limit i.e. 75%

            Thanks, Gaurav for correcting my knowledge. I check the Buyback Regulation 2018 and it is clearly mentioned that the Promoters and Person In Control cannot offer a share in open market buyback 🙂

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