Siyaram Silk Mills Limited Buyback Limited 2023

Siyaram Silk Mills Ltd. is the largest producer of blended high fashion suiting’s shirting’s and apparels. The leaders in business for over 3 decades producing over 60 million meters per annum with an unparallel network of 60,000 retailers and over 450 dealer network Pan India with a sales force of over 400 dedicated employees. Siyaram’s belief in providing value to its customers is the reason behind it having the widest range of latest machinery in its eco-friendly plants at Tarapur, Daman and Mumbai.

Siyaram Silk Mills Ltd (SSM) is part of the Siyaram Poddar Group, which also comprises Balkrishna Industries Ltd and Govind Rubber Ltd, all listed companies at Bombay Stock Exchang SSM is a small Cap company with a market cap of ₹936.75 crores.

In the March 2014 quarter, the company’s annualized net profit was ₹20.2 crores. Siyaram’s produces over 4 million metres of fabric produced per month over 60 million meters of fabric annually.

Siyaram’s brands include J Hampstead, Oxemberg among others

Buy Back Offer Deal:

Buyback Type: Tender Offer
Buyback Record Date: Sep 18 2023
Buyback Opening Date: Sep 25 2023
Buyback Closing Date: Oct 03 2023
Buyback Offer Amount: ₹ 107.99 Cr.
Date of Board Meeting approving the proposal: Aug 12 2023
Date of Public Announcement: Aug 12 2023
Buyback Offer Size: 3.20%
Buyback Number of Shares: 14,99,992
Price Type: Tender Offer
FV: 2
Buyback Price: ₹ 720 Per Equity Share

Details of Buyback:

The proposal to buyback not exceeding 14,99,992 (Fourteen Lakhs Ninety Nine Thousand Nine Hundred Ninety Two)equity shares of the Company (representing 3.20% of the total number of equity shares in the paid-up share capital of the Company) at a price of Rs. 720/- (Rupees Seven Hundred Twenty Only) per equity share payable in cash for an aggregate consideration not exceeding Rs. 107,99,94,500/- (Rupees One Hundred Seven Crores Ninety Nine Lakhs Ninety Four Thousand Only).

Salient financial parameters:

Particulars (In Cr) Mar 2019 Mar 2020 Mar 2021 Mar 2022 Mar 2023
Sales + 1,815 1,698 1,088 1,903 2,229
Expenses + 1,573 1,529 1,033 1,569 1,860
Operating Profit 241 169 55 334 369
OPM % 13% 10% 5% 18% 17%
Other Income + 24 34 41 29 40
Interest 48 43 30 18 20
Depreciation 62 73 61 59 58
Profit before tax 154 88 5 287 332
Tax % 35% 18% -2% 26% 24%
Net Profit + 101 72 5 213 252
EPS in Rs 21.58 15.3 1.14 45.34 53.73
Dividend Payout % 20% 56% 404% 20% 20%

How to Participate in buyback?

Firstly, to be eligible for the buyback the investor should have shares of  Siyaram Silk Mills Limited in Demat or physical form as on the record date [18-09-2023].
2. Once you have shares in Demat, you can participate in the buyback process which is opening from [25-09-2023] by selling your shares through your broker on NSE or BSE.
3. Then on [10-10-2023], the payment will be given to you for accepted shares and unaccepted shares will be returned to your Demat account.

Profit from the buyback on the bases of acceptance Ratio:

Buy 277 Shares at CPM of Rs. 617 (2,00,000/720)
Acceptance Ratio 33% 50% 75% 100%
Amount Invested in Buyback 1,70,909 1,70,909 1,70,909 1,70,909
No. of Shares Buyback 91 138 208 277
Buyback Profit 9,373 14,214 21,424 28,531
Profit% 5.48% 8.32% 12.54% 16.69%


    This was a very good buyback for me. There seems to be STCG also in this as today’s price is higher than the purchase price. Wish Sumit ji had participated.

    96 accepted out of 300….. payout of funds and securities expected tomorrow

        Some unaccepted shares sold @ Rs.558.85. Some more shares are placed selling order @ Rs.559.25

          How could you sell before the shares are credited back in the trading account which may be tomorrow? My broker is Zerodha which has been rendering excellent services as far as I know.

            The unaccepted shares are credited to the Dmat account of SBI SECURITIES yesterday itself.

              Thank you SRK Ji for the information. As usual mine was credited today only.

      Mr. Media. 96/300 is under non-retail category or it’s total of retail category of different accounts transactions?

      possibility of biggest ever buyback in…
      tata sons needs money for capex in defence and semiconductor and jvs….
      cash will move from tcs…..big one

        The news is speculative. Read in the media about the possibility of TCS announcing buyback on 12th October along with quarterly results

          As per CNBC AWAAZ news of today ,the Board will consider buyback along with announcement of quarterly results on 11October. I bought some shares today .

    Bidding particulars, if available, may please be shared. Thank you in anticipation of your help.

    I purchased the stocks on 29th September, so I could tender it on 3rd Oct but by buyback order on Zerodha is rejected.

    It says
    Dear Sudhanshu,

    Your buyback order for Siyaram Silk Mills Limited has been rejected due to Stock not available in the holding.

    What should I do now.
    Please help respected members,
    Adesh Ji, Gopi Ji, Sumit Ji.

      Sad to know that. Never experienced such a problem. Zerodha Broking was supposed to take application until 1 pm today
      CDSL may not have included the shares in the Demat before that time. May try filling up the form sent to you along with the ER intimation Email today itself

        Record date for buyback is 18th september. If you had the shares on that date, then only you are eligible.

      Record date for buyback is 18th september. If you had the shares on that date, then only you are eligible.

      Hi Sudhanshu,

      Please note that for Siyaram Silk , date to tender the share was Sep 25 2023 to Oct 03 2023 , but the record date to be eligible for the byback was Sep 18 2023 . So whoever has shares in their demat on 18th Sept are only eleigible .

        Vikram ji,he had shares on record date which he sold due to financial constraints thinking to buy again before the tender date. Because of the change in holiday and continuous holidays for three days, he landed up in this mess. This should be a lesson for everyone. Never take such extreme and living on the edge position in your life. Always leave a gap of a day or two for unforseen circumstances.

          Gopi Ji,
          I confirmed with Zerodha team they said as I bought the shares on 29th and 30th, 1st and 2nd were holidays, so my shares got credited on 2nd evening and that’s why even after tendering my order got rejected.

          Although I didn’t lost any amount but may be I lost some Gains.

          A good lesson though for future buybacks.

      Actually share bought on today , may be credited in DP tomorrow by 13:50 hrs to 18:30 hrs.
      This information is based on all my previous shares credited transactions.

      The corporate action on zerodha portal working till 13:00 hrs on last day. Therefore the issues arises.
      I have already suffered with same as your concern.

      So careful in future, so atleast buy on T-2 days

      29th is the settlement holiday, 30th is Saturday, 1st is Sunday and 2nd is Holiday. So the 29th purchased stock will be credited to your Demat on the 04th.

        HI GOPI sir, I bought shares at 620 rupees for buyback and I have also tendered them, but what should I do with the remaining shares that are not accepted because currently I have 8% loss, should I hold or sell?

          Let us hope for the best. I don’t sell the returned shares immediately after the buyback particularly if I stand to lose overall. The market price is generally seen lower because majority of the buyback participants tend to be in a hurry to get rid of the unaccepted shares. The price will be better if the quarterly results are good. Let us see how much will be the AR

        Anjay ji is correct and I am absolutely wrong. Sorry. Shares bought on 3October will not be in the Demat account on the same day and hence,can’t be rendered for buyback. You seem to have messed up and lost your ER , dear.


          I have already advised you on 29 Sep that for buyback apply your shares must be in your demat account and for example shares purchased today may be credited in your demat account tomorrow before market close or may be credited after market close. Please don’t blame zeridha as this issue is in every trade platform. I have already experienced this in Bajaj, Angel and prostock. I may be wrong at any point.

        The above mentioned suggestion is wrong and stand withdrawn with apology.

      No. as per my best knowledge because if you buy on 03 October then it will not be available in your demat account and to tender for buyback your shares must be demat account.

      I have already suffered this in case of one buyback whereas I have purchased one day before and even then also denied by our broker on last day stating the shares has not been credited so far.

      Experts please come with rule position.

        My suggestion is based on my own experience with my current broking firm which is Zerodha Broking LTD. I had an unpleasant experience in the past with my old Broking firm and now defunct M/ S Karvy … which did not bother to place the buy back order because of reasons which is obvious/presumable. I think Zerodha portal take the orders until noon on the last date of tender which in this case is 3/10/23. I have received the buyback proceeds of LT today which solved my financial needs. Good luck to all the participants.

      Sorry,Anjay is correct and I am absolutely wrong. Shares bought on 3rd October will not be in the Demat account on the same d

        No problem Gopi Ji.
        I got funds on 29th and bought on that day only.
        Thanks to Anjay ji also for his information.

          Very good. Believed to know that you did buy on 29th. Good luck to you and every fellow investors.

      3.30 pm has infact no relevance. To be eligible for buyback, the shares should have been in your demat account any time on or before 18th in this case. For this you should have bought the shares on 15th since 16th and 17th were market holidays. I hope this is clear to you Preet ji.

    I am holding 380 shares and today somehow I was unable to sell the extra stocks.
    Will I come in general category or I have a chance to sell on monday

      You have crossed the line by a long distance to be a retail investor. Please try to get out of the situation by transferring about 60 shares to your dear friends or family members before 8pm on 18/9/23 through off market transaction. That’s the only way out as far as I know,out of my recent experience. Good luck to you and all fellow investors.

    (i) The Buyback Price has been increased from ₹ 650 to ₹ 720/.

    (ii) The maximum number of Equity Shares proposed to be bought back by the Company has been reduced from 16,61,530 to 14,99,992.

    Buyback price is increased from 650 to 720 in meetings of 14th Sept total numbers of shares are reduced accordingly.

    Today 15 Sept 23 last day to buy as record day is 18th on Monday. Already it had given good profit for most of us

    Moved out from Siyaram after a decent gain of 12% and taken position in LT. Limited funds so I think now I have a better chance of gain in LT.

      LT is trading around 2900/ already. Is it worth holding for buyback? I am having 81 shares now and wondering whether to sell part or full on Monday. Sold part of Siyaram today.

        I like to play safe when I am making a decent profit. For me, a decent profit lies between 10% to 20% (with low risk and having a time period of less than a month). I bought LT today as the current buyback price has a 3.5% premium in regards to CMP. So, I think the chance of increasing the buyback price is in favor. If not then I will exit from share before the market closes as I do not want to take any risk.

          I suggest you wait till 03:15 PM on Monday for the increase in buyback price. If not then I suggest you sell all the shares during the market hours if you are making a decent gain.

            Thank you Rohit ji for your valuable suggestions. I don’t think that buyback price is going to be revised on Monday.The sudden spurt in the share prices is being attributed to the big Aramco contract. I will hold 50-66 shares for the buyback for the exempt income. Will keep the returned shares for long term investment.

    After rush in the buyback (early Aug), there is a lull period now? no new buyback for last one month

      Read some where in the media that INFY Board will consider buyback along with announcement of quarterly results on 13October.

        I do not find any disclosure on the NSE or BSE website regarding this news.

    Reply to Aashish ji
    Aashish ji, I prefer to check QOQ, QOQ drop from 705 to 363 from March to June 23 and 406.58 to 363 of Quarter yearly basis… Probably Quarter is better way to check growth further…
    Anyway, its own way..

    please help me Whenever I try to apply in indimart share buyback throught cdsl site so i am found this problem txn not allowed early payin time limit exceeded

      Both are looking good to me. Am positive and participating in both . Next round of buybacks may be in October after the quarterly results.

    If one has a choice between Siyaram and Sinclar hotels, which one is recommended? (Of course, SH may come at a time which doesn’t overlap with Siyaram).

    Currently, Secondary market seems to be able to give better return.. Infra and financial sector is good and Siyaram Silk mill seems to be out of fashion!!
    Considering recent drop in profit and revenue, still the small share holder ship is also high 18.26%…
    I would give it a pass… although may give profit..

      Sumit ji,

      So kind of you. We honour your precious views. Thank you once again for your magnanimity in sharing your thoughts.

      Thank you Sumit ji for your excellent input once again.I request new members including Raja ji to give due credence to your valuable views and opinions and take decisions. Good luck to all.

      As per the financial pasted here
      Revenues increased and so did net profit
      Only OPM decreased by 1%
      Sumit ji
      I compared 22 and 23 results
      Am I missing something here

        Aashish ji, I prefer to check QOQ, QOQ drop from 705 to 363 from March to June 23 and 406.58 to 363 of Quarter yearly basis… Probably Quarter is better way to check growth further…
        Anyway, its own way..

        I understand sumit ji
        For a turnaround story like Balaji telefilms,
        (They recently toned down alt Balaji) qoq works better
        For a traditional business established margins, normally year on year or qoq yearly gives the better picture, it eliminates the seasonality variable

        Sumit ji and other members, what would be the acceptance ratio as per your opinion

      How exactly did we arrive at the figure of 18.26%? As per the annual report, the promotors alone hold > 80%. The number of shareholders with < 500 shares as of March 2023 hold around 4.97% of the shares. Has there been a drastic change in shareholding pattern?

    What could be the acceptance ratio, what price we need to average, any idea pls suggest or we need to skip this buyback. Any suggestions welcome.

    Rohit ji

    You can share the info nd say I am applying
    That won’t be considered as investment advise
    Put in the disclaimer that you are not sebi registered
    That’s it

      Yes, I too am missing you. Please be available with your valuable comments and inputs with out breaching any law.I think, it is possible.

        Gopi I bought piramal based on this group. I am in decent profit. Any idea on siyaram, my average is 531 rs. Is it OK to hold or sell

          With a 3.54% buyback size, this one looks good to me. I am participating in full
          My average purchase is at around ₹531/. Not prepared for any forcast about the AR. My intention is to make some tax exempt income and enjoy the thrill and excitement this activity provides. I am gaining overall, although not in all cases. Wishing you good luck.

    Off topic –
    Route Mobile is supposed to have a mandatory open offer. Will it be a tender offer? Any idea when it will happen?

    From now onwards, I will not be going to provide my views/comments on any buyback as per SEBI rules.

      Expression of comments in this Zone is forbidden and is against SEBI rules, is what you mean Rohit Ji ? I didn’t know that. Thanks, it should be applicable to all then. Certain that I will miss you and so many Excellent and exceptional experts like Sumit ji,SiRK ji etc
      The previlage of comments are the prerogative of the T V experts only then?

        Yes, only SEBI registered Research Analysts (RA) can give public opinions on shares. Apart from that, no one is allowed to share their views as per the SEBI rules (even for free).

        Good you warned. Please explore the possibility of exchanging views by forming what’s app group etc.if felt feasible.

      Rohit ji You can share the info nd say I am applying
      That won’t be considered as investment advise
      Put in the disclaimer that you are not sebi registered
      That’s it

      If even that is prohibited the whole fininfulencer Industry
      YouTube Twitter will collapse

      I know sebi is trying to regulate this. But the platforms which are not highly popular and are viewed by mere thousands and not lakhs or millions won’t be affected much

      The strict guidelines and implementation would be mainly for YouTube fininfulencers

        Thanks for your reply. I have consulted a couple of SEBI experts and awaiting their final response. Will let you know what they say.

        Yes, Ashish ji, I see a gigantic sense and wisdom in your comment
        Excellent 👌

    Surprisingly, the instant credit was not given yesterday and today. But only allowed to make purchases worth not more than 75% of the sale proceeds. I am put to loss n inconvenience. What may be the reason? I have raised my grievance to the cell. Waiting for the response.

      I did some research and the eATM service (i.e. instant payout) is available for around 1000+ share scripts listed on NSE and BSE (not for all). So, I think the shares which you sold today were not on the list. To check this please do the following steps
      Login > Equity> Stock list > Select the respective exchange

        I know about this. Anyway, thank you very much for your response. All the best.

    Sold out all the holdings today and booked profit as I think bulls are out now. Only have open buyback shares position.

    Where to get the latest quarter share distribution pattern wrt to number of share like (1-200 share held by %)

    Heard a news that Hindcon Chemicals is going for Buyback. Could not see any details regarding this Investorzone forum. As per sources they are planning a board meeting on 26th August 2023

    Sorry, this is not related to this buyback.
    I am using Zerodha and Paytm Money for Buyback. I am able to sell Ashiana today (16 Aug 23) as on the 14th Aug 23 morning the share got punched for buyback and returned after a couple of hours but Zerodha and PayTM do not show it in the Portfolio however in the case of SBI and HDFC demat (held by Siva) sold it on 14th Aug 23 itself. Can someone please suggest (Gopi, Sumit, etc.)?

      I presume Zerodha Broking is your broker. It is normal with Zerodha. The firm takes a day or two to credit the the returned shares some times .I don’t think there is anything to worry .

        It hurts a lot. Today I lost around Rs 5,000 in Ashiana as I am not able to sell on 14th Aug 2023.
        As per my Buyback Trading Rule, I exit on the same day (if the share is down up to 2.25%) or the next working day once the excess share is returned to Demat.

          Sad to know that.I still count Zerodha Broking’s Services are really good in terms of the technical support this firm provides.The quality of service rendered by the customer service staff is not upto the mark, let us hope things will improve.

            Finally, after tracking Zerodha for the last 20 days, I got a response. They consider the holding available at 06:30 AM in the morning for showing in Kite. So, any Demat credit after that will not be considered. However, PayTM is not replying to me but I will escalate the issue.
            Also, Zerodha is going to explore the available option further to allow the user to update the holdings as per my conversation.
            I reached a couple of my know people and they will get back to me for Religare. However, a local broker, Maverick allows you to sale it.
            I am going to reach Angel as well and will share if they allow this.

        I am enjoying the Instant credit of 75% of the sale proceeds in most of the cases within 5 minutes at ICICI DIRECT. Everyone knows the advantage of this.

          I am not sure how you are getting this but as per the new rule, the amount of sale proceeds of shares is available on the next day for trading. Do you pay anything over and above it?
          I have to search more about the benefit of ICICI Direct and will raise a ticket to Zerodha and PayTM as well.

            I am covered under priority circle without any extra payment due to my long association and hence I am provided with such benefits. Thank you.

              Thanks so much for replying. I did some research today and they provide up to Rs 50,000 in same-day withdrawal and Rs 2,50,000 in case you purchase a yearly brokerage plan of Rs 299 and up to Rs 2 crore in case you buy a lifetime brokerage plan of Rs 5,000. This is the special benefit of ICICI Direct. Also, they allow you 75% of the funds on the same day for investment. I have raised tickets to Zerodha and PayTm and will decide to move once I hear back from the support.

              Requesting you to please share the date when you are able to sell the unaccepted shares in the Tender offer going forward. Just want to confirm that ICICI Direct always allows you to sell unaccepted shares in one day advance in comparison with Zerodha and PayTM.

            ICICI charges full brokerage whereas Zerodha gives you facility to see Equity at flat fee in a buyback.

              Thanks for mentioning. I checked this out and Zerodha is charging me Rs 0.10 per contract note and Rs 20 flat fee for Buyback. I try to find this out and ICICI is charging full brokerage on the buyback and the minimum brokerage plan is charing 0.10% in the cash market with a life time fee of Rs 5000.

            Just for other members, Zerodha allow me to take new position on selling other shares from my Demat but PayTm does not allow to take new position from selling other shares. Both broker allow to withdraw funds next day.

        Just a request from you Siva, if you can share the below: –
        1) Day and time when you receive the mail of credit of shares not accepted in the tender offer, in your demat.
        2) Day and time when you are able to sale the holding in your ICICI Direct.

          I have already told you that I used to delete the messages after going through, due to storage problem. Hence, no details can be shared now. Sorry for my inability to give the details as asked by you.

            I don’t have that much good memory to share you the details. Sorry for my inability.

    Suppose ER is 10 percent and my total quantity is 100 and I tender only 10 shares then what happend? 10 shares get accepted or only 1?

    Buyback announced.

    Price : 650
    No of shares : 16,61,530.
    Size: 108cr
    No of shares paid up equity: 3.54%

      4-5 buyback is having 25 Aug 23 so there payments will be completed till 14 Sept so full fund will be available on 15th Sept, last day to purchase .Pro share holder thinking.

        Thank you for your insight and valuable contribution Girish ji.

        It will mainly depend on the quarterly results about which I don’t have any idea/ information.

          Negative QOQ result. Not sure about the opening. I already have open position in this and will try to move out tomorrow.

          What could be acceptance ratio. To be profitable to what price we need to average.

      It ran up 7% today
      So those of us who were waiting for krbl funds to free up won’t be able to reap the benefits now

      Only 15% premium remaining now
      So benefit in applying
      Post buyback share price will fall

    Financial parameters look very good to me. Still remember the old advertisements,vaguely though. Awaiting the outcome of the Board meeting scheduled for tomorrow.

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