Indiabulls Housing Finance Limited Buyback Offer 2019

(i) It is India’s 2nd largest Housing Finance Company, with the highest long-term credit rating of AAA from all four leading rating agencies. They have invested heavily in enriching the housing ecosystem. With a workforce of over 8,100 employees, more than half of which are dedicated to customer service and sales, which places the needs of the customers above all.

(ii) With Indiabulls e-Home Loans, they introduced India’s first completely online home loan, which provided customers end to end home loan fulfillment. The digital offering has been constantly improved to ensure that the customers get nothing but the best.

(iii) Another segment of the housing ecosystem where IBull Housing has placed the significant focus is the affordable housing segment. They believe in the need for housing for all, and being enablers for India towards this objective is a strong objective.

Buy Back Offer Deal:

Date of Board Meeting approving the proposal: Oct 14 2019
Date of Public Announcement: Oct 14 2019

Details of Buyback:

Indiabulls Housing Finance Ltd has informed BSE that the meeting of the Board of Directors of the Company is scheduled on 14/10/2019, inter alia, to consider the proposal of Buy-back of equity shares of the Company.

Salient financial parameters:

to be updated shortly

How to Participate in buyback?

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Profit from the buyback on the bases of acceptance Ratio:

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to be updated shortly


    Why does SEBI take so much time to come to a decision on buybacks? In this case it was even more simpler since they had to only inform if they were giving the approval or not even before any announcement regarding prices and dates.

    @MW curious about whether board proposes for buyback first and then send ballot voting to shareholders for permission if the buyback size is greater than 10% or First gets sebi approval then ask shareholders for voting??

      In this case, the board has decided to first take SEBI approval and rest everything will be followed.

        Whats the case with indiabulls ventures?? please let me know whether they already got sebi approval and now they sent approval from shareholders!

    India Bulla Housing – Buybacks Postponed !!!

    MUMBAI: Indiabulls Housing FinanceNSE -5.76 % will consult the capital-markets regulator, the Securities and Exchange Board of India (Sebi), about its eligibility to buy back shares given the regulations on the ideal capital structure.

    “The board thought it prudent to first confirm with Sebi on the applicability of the debt-equity ratio of 6:1 as currently prescribed for a subsidiary NBFC/HFC in the Gazette…,” the company said in a late Monday note to stock exchanges.

    The boar ..

    Read more at:

    SEBI will not allow this buyback for sure. The NBFC which needs continuous money for its business is doing a buyback would be the curious case to study.

    See why share is falling?

    As soon as the announcement of buyback has come the share fell 17%. So something is wrong.

      This is because RBI rejected The Merger between Laxmi Villas Bank an Indiabulls Housing Finance.

    I don’t understand why the company is coming up with a buyback?

    The housing sector is facing liquidity issue and we have seen how Dewan’s house is struggling to raise funds. So IBulls housing, instead of the buyback, the money should be utilized for loan disbursement rather than distributed among shareholders.

    Looks like company promoters want to cash in some money before trouble.

      Or the company is trying to give price support for exit to the entities where they have pledged shares, in this RBI rejection (of Laxmi Bank merger) ; High Court matter in diversion of funds; similar issues…?!! Else price would crash to two digits maybe ?
      If small investors benefit its ok.

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