Balmer Lawrie & Co. Ltd. Buyback 2023

Balmer Lawrie is a market leader in Steel Barrels, Industrial Greases & Specialty Lubricants, Corporate Travel and Logistics Services. It also has significant presence in most other businesses, it operates, viz, Chemicals, Logistics Infrastructure etc. In its entire years of existence, Balmer Lawrie has been successfully responding to the demands of an ever changing environment, leveraging every change as an opportunity to innovate and emerge a leader in industry.

Majority of the investment is being made in our greases & lubricants plant, as we are one of the largest producers of specialty greases & lubricants in India. Balmer Lawrie has eight business units – Industrial Packaging, Greases & Lubricants, Chemicals, Travel & Vacations, Logistics Infrastructure, Logistics Services, Cold Chain and Refinery & Oil Field Services with offices spread across the country and abroad.

Buy Back Offer Deal:

Date of Board Meeting approving the proposal: May 25 2023
Date of Public Announcement: May 25 2023

Details of Buyback:

Decision of the Board of Directors to not Buy back the shares of the Company.

Salient financial parameters:

Particulars (In Cr) Mar 2018 Mar 2019 Mar 2020 Mar 2021 Mar 2022
Sales + 1,720 1,772 1,532 1,526 2,051
Expenses + 1,502 1,539 1,342 1,385 1,882
Operating Profit 219 233 189 141 169
OPM % 13% 13% 12% 9% 8%
Other Income + 51 51 51 49 37
Interest 4 7 15 12 14
Depreciation 27 30 52 55 56
Profit before tax 238 247 173 123 137
Tax % 31% 35% 32% 33% 35%
Net Profit 165 197 155 115 135
EPS in Rs 9.66 11.65 9.43 7.04 8.07
Dividend Payout % 69% 63% 80% 85% 81%

How to Participate in buyback?

Decision of the Board of Directors to not Buy back the shares of the Company.

Profit from the buyback on the bases of acceptance Ratio:

Decision of the Board of Directors to not Buy back the shares of the Company.


Decision of the Board of Directors to not Buy back the shares of the Company.


    It is very strange and disheartening to see that Board of PSU is not considering its agenda. Its totally fishy and SEBI should investigate.
    Anyway, its good that I haven’t entered into this stock and stuck to my rate..

    Decision of the Board of Directors not to recommend the issue of Bonus Shares n
    Decision of the Board of Directors to not Buy back the shares of the Company.

      Dividend of Rs.7.50 Ps per share, if approved in the ensuing general body meeting.

      Thanks a ton for your prompt response. Got out of another loss. Sold out my holdings this evening. Cancelled tomorrow’s buy orders. I think everyone is out there to cheat the vulnerable. Let us be warned 😜🙏. Except Wipro, all the others are penny stocks in my humble opinion. This one was a PSU . I think it has been divested and no more a P S U . Vague memory. Not sure.

        Gopi Ji, if i had followed my trend and brought would have been in another gambling, would have lost big time. Looks like many times things can go wrong better to go with good companies only and leave all these penny ones

          Enjoyed your comments. The corporate world also has plenty of crooks. Appreciate your understanding of the various ways they lure and then cheat the vulnerable public. Please try to be selective. Good luck.

        Meeting was concluded at 9:20 PM, yesterday. That’s why it took that time to me to post. Thank you.

          Could not have been faster than that, dear SRK Ji. Thanks a lot again. Wish you luck and better returns 🙏

      Thanks SRK for the update, never knew something like this also happens

        Yes, ofcourse 😊 This is the second one in this week. Learning every day and gaining experience 🙏

        It’s my pleasure to share what I know. Thank you.

    Awaiting your kind update on the Board meeting, SRK Ji.

    Hope all are aware that its a Government of India company and what ever would be the option favorable for government.
    Its Bonus + Buyback, so may be a good option at 120-130. There are no promoters and 21% equity by retail holder.
    So may give some profit. Would buy if come around 125 before board meeting.

      Thank you very much for your kind post, Sumit ji

      Just a a gamble 😄, will get out before the Board meeting if profitable, may be tomorrow or day after. Average company. Immediate target sale margin is small+ 2-3 per share. Attempt was only for getting the early bird catching the prey adventure 😁

        Hopi Ji, you have started gambling by copying from me 🙂 all my gambles have backfired as you know. If i would have waited in WIPRO would have got 20 rs additional profit

          I love humour and hence,liked your comments. I have sold 300 Balmer Lawrie @ 132.2. Did not loose anything which is very important to me. Will buy again after the Board meeting if available at a favourable rate. Thank you for being in touch ☺️ Good luck to you dear.

    Bought 500 @ 131.5 today. Rest may be after the Board meeting.

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