What is CMR or Client Master List

What is CMR?

Client Master Report or List is the PDF document which can be obtained from the broker just by dropping an email. Most of the brokers will provide the CMR via email the same day. It is the most important document which is required to register on UnlistedZone.Live. It is basically required as a KYC document for buying and selling unlisted shares in India.

So, once you obtain that, you can register yourself on the UZLIVE portal.

How does it look?

For example, how to obtain CML in Zerodha?

Zerodha gives the facility to obtain the document by logging into the system.
Go to Console > Accounts > Documents > Select Zerodha CMR Copy.

How to get CMR copies from other brokers?

Similar to Zerodha, one can check the CMR copy either through the Web, or Mobile App of the brokers. If no such facility is there, one can send an email to the broker and get the CMR copy back on email in PDF form.

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