NHPC Buyback 2018

As per market view, the NHPC may announce a buyback of close to 2500 Cr.

The retail quota (15%) would be close to 375 Cr.

The Price of Buyback can be close to Rs.30.( 6666 no. of shares for Retail eligibility)

So, on that basis, no. of shares from 0 to 10000 with Retail Investors as of March 2018 are close to 25 Cr.

Acceptance Ratio may be close to 50-60%.

From CMP of 26.5, there is a clear upside of 13%.



      The Current Market Price of NHPC is 27.1 and Buyback Price is 28 an upside of 3.32%. Govt is making a mockery of Buyback. No point of even studying this one. The market was upbeat on NHPC Buyback but alas opposite happens. Tomorrow NHPC will definitely go down as lot of buying interest was generated in the stock due to buyback.

    Excellent Results are shown by NHPC.
    Particulars ——–Q2FY19 ———Q2FY18———%Change YoY
    Profit(Cr)——– 1218——– 1018 ——–19.6%
    Revenue(Cr) —– 2495——– 1972 ——– 26.5%
    EBITDA(Cr) ——-1597 ——– 1115 ——– 43.2%

    Let us see what happens on 14th. Price and size are major Criteria. Even in 2016 Entitlement was 24% and Final Acceptance was 100%. But times have changed now entitlement would be 24% and Acceptance would be closer to 40-50% because of increased awareness.

      Increased Awareness, Whatsapp group, Twitter, IZ so on so forth.

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