Newsletter for Shareholders of Softtech Limited

The new framework has been issued by DIPP’s( Department of Industrial Policy and Promotions) in partnership with World Bank to rank the States and UTs in India for EODB( Ease of Doing Business). The States and UTs are now be ranked as per 103 new set of reforms(out of 405) for EODB focussing mainly on:

(i) Central Inspection Systems

(ii) Online Land Allotment Systems

(iii) Online Single Window System for granting Construction Permits.

(iv) Registration under interstate migrant workmen Act, 1979

The Softtech has proudly announced that they have contributed to the all top 5 ranking states, Andhra Pradesh(1), Telengana(2), Haryana(3), Jharkhand(4) and Gujarat(5) by implementing “Online Single Window System for granting Construction Permits.”

The Management has announced that the company has provided their flagships product “AutoDCR” for enabling digital construction permits in major cities/states across India and contributing human intervention free construction permit systems.

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