How To Apply Buyback in India??

If you are an eligible shareholder of XYZ Limited as on record date, then you will receive a Tender form to your registered email id from the Company’s RTA(Registrar and Transfer agents).

You’ll have to mention the number of shares you wish to tender/offer in the Buyback tender form and send a soft copy of this tender form via an email to your broker.

The Broker will transfer your offered shares to the RTA and will place your bid for the buyback. A Transaction Registration Slip(TRS) will be sent to you by your broker after placement of your bid which will include your bid details including bid quantity, bid rate, and bid value.

After allotment, if there are shares of yours in excess of eligible Buyback entitlement, the excess shares will be transferred back to your Demat account by the RTA.

The allotted Buyback amount will be credited directly to your bank account by the company’s RTA.

Note: Some of the brokers provides the facility of applying in buyback directly through their online terminals as so conform to the broker for the same before applying.


    if you are big investor i.e more than 2 lakh rs shares on record date,then can you participate in buyback? if yes then how?

      Yes , you can participate. But then you will be counted under General Category instead of retail.

    Thanks. Keep sharing this information to other fellow readers.

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