Dangee Dums IPO Subscribed 2.21x on Second Day

Dangee Dums Limited IPO subscribed 2.21x on the Second Day of opening till 12:25 PM.

The IPO so far has received a good response from HNIs which has oversubscribed by 3.77x and Retail Investors category oversubscribed by .77x.

After a long gap of hibernation in SME IPO in terms of subscription figures, the Dangee Dums has shown some respite. However, hang on, the retail investors should not jump directly to it by seeing subscription figure. This can be a potential trap for the retail investors. Many times in the past we have observed that the total subscription figure of HNI actually falls after the closing of the IPO may be due to technical rejection or cancellation of application. So we need to be very careful. We have already pointed out in our review that the IPO is priced aggressively and investor thinks twice before applying.

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