SBI Card IPO – SBI Cards & Payment Services Limited IPO

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Overview of SBI Card

(a) They are the second-largest credit card issuer in India, with an 18.0% market share of the Indian credit card market in terms of the number of credit cards outstanding as of September 30, 2019. SBI Card is a subsidiary of State Bank of India.

(b) They offer an extensive credit card portfolio to individual cardholders and corporate clients which includes lifestyle, rewards, travel and fuel, shopping, banking partnership cards and corporate cards covering all major cardholder segments in terms of income profiles and lifestyles.

(c) SBI Card has a broad credit card portfolio that includes SBI Card-branded credit cards as well as co-branded credit cards that bear both the SBI Card brand and our co-brand partners’ brands.

It offers four primary SBI Cardbranded credit cards: SimplySave, SimplyClick, Prime and Elite, each catering to a varying set of cardholder needs.

It is also the largest co-brand credit card issuer in India according to the CRISIL Report, and have partnerships with several major players in the travel, fuel, fashion, healthcare and mobility industries, including Air India, Apollo Hospitals, BPCL, Etihad Guest, Fbb, IRCTC, OLA Money and Yatra, among others.

(d) It has a sales force of 33,086 outsourced sales personnel as of September 30, 2019, operating out of 133 Indian cities. Had a presence in 3,009 open market points of sale across India as of September 30, 2019.

In addition, its partnership with SBI provides access to SBI’s extensive network of 22,007 branches across India, which enables it to market credit cards to SBI’s vast customer base of 43.6 Crores customers as of March 31, 2019.

Revenue Model

They generate two types of income:

(a). non-interest income (primarily comprised of fee-based income such as interchange fees, late fees, and annual fees, among others)

(b) Interest income on credit card receivables.

Financial Performance

(a) The total income increased from ₹3471 Crores in fiscal 2017 to ₹7286 Crores in fiscal 2019 at a CAGR of 44.9% and revenues from operations have increased from ₹3346 Crores in fiscal 2017 to ₹6999 Crores in fiscal 2019 at a CAGR of 44.6%.

(b) The net profit increased from ₹372 Crores in fiscal 2017 to ₹862 Crores in fiscal 2019 at a CAGR of 52.1%.

(c) The ROAE has remained stable at 28.5% in fiscal 2017 and 28.4% in fiscal 2019, while ROAA increased from 4.0% in fiscal 2017 to 4.8% in fiscal 2019.

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  1. Link Intime India Private Limited

Discussion on SBI Card IPO – SBI Cards & Payment Services Limited IPO:

    @Market Wizard my Q. remains unanswered,
    please suggest tips to have higher chances of allotment in any ipo?
    thank you.

      It is a lottery system. So open 5-10 Demat accounts in the family member name and apply it from all. Rest all depend upon your luck.

        I have heard that before ipo allotment investor scrutiny is done to give allotment to investor and not to trader who is just looking for listing gain, this is done looking past behaviour of investor, so who holds shares after allotment gets higher allotment in IPO & also observed that if new dmat account open 1st time then very very very high probability of allotment
        kindly share your experiance

    I never get allotment in good ipos. I need to confirm a few things before applying this one. I have purchased one sbi share which is in my dmat account with zerodha and i have bank account with HDFC So is it mandatory to apply using Zerodha console with a upi ID? or i can apply through HDFC ASBA and give details of zerodha dmat where sbi share is held?

    I asked zerodha about this but they sent me procedure to apply using upi Id. Please tell me are my applications not getting allotment because i apply using netbanking ASBA instead of upi as told by zerodha?

    @Marketwizard, I am through with your blogs and comments in this forum, I think you have expert knowledge in case of financial market, specially in IPO

    can you pls state that the things to be considered and things to be avoid for high probability of allotment.

    I mean can you please state some techniques through which, one can increase his chances in compare to others, for higher allotment in any IPO?

    If I buy sbi share today then in that case will I be eligible for shareholder quota?

    Which data is last date to buy sbi shares and be eligible to apply from shareholder quota

    I also have question about equitas. I think equitas sfb ipo too is coming. So can equitas share be bought on Monday to be eligible for shareholder quota?


    Allotment in shareholder quota is proportionate basis unlike in Ujivan or HDFC AMC.

      From where we can check these details, kindly share information source and in HDFC AMC I have observed that whomsoever had HDFC share in their Dmat ac they got the allotment. So is that going to be same with this sbi card ipo?
      Thank you.

    I have bought one share each in all my DMAT accounts toady ( 06 december 2019). Share will come to my DMAT T+2 So will I be eligible for the shareholder quota? Please reply

    Grey market activity started.

    Tradeable rates 135/140.

    Request all IZ members, to buy 1-1 shares of State Bank of India from each Demat account to be elogible under shareholder quota.

    When Carlyle joined them back in 2017, the whole company valuation was 8000 cr.
    Now, it’s valuing at 57000 cr 😱